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Kastrup Airport. Photo by Arne V. Petersen, Københavns Lufthavne A/S.

Kastrup – Copenhagen Airport CPH

From Kastrup airport Lund can be reached by train, Öresundståg, price 135 SEK. The connection during daytime is regular and takes about ½ h depending on if you need to change trains in Malmö. Purchase tickets at the ticket-counter at the airport.

Should you prefer to go by taxi, cars are available all hours. Drivers usually accept credit cards as valid payment. The cost from Kastrup-Lund is just under 1000 SEK.  

Always ask for the price before entering your taxi. The bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö is also open to motorists, if you should wish to come by your own vehicle. Lund is conveniently reached from the main roads E6 and E22.